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become an expert mixologist without leaving home!

make your drinks more tasteful and fun!

Whether there is alcohol involved or not, everybody drinks! 

It’s a social thing we do – grabbing a coffee, going for high tea, meeting up for beers or heading out for cocktails. It’s a natural part of connecting with one another… and your drink of choice deserves to match the occasion!

BUT… if you don’t already have a background in mixology, it can be hard (and expensive) to know where to start and how to easily grow your beverage and cocktail making skills.

That’s why I created Spirit of the Wench – your guide to becoming a Master Mixologist without leaving home (unless you want to!)

From boozy beverages to light libations, you’ll easily pick up the skills you need to mix up an enticing beverage worthy of every person gracing your home (or home bar!).

Cocktails & Libations

All things mixology and drinks - From zero to 100 proof. Here you're fill recipes, tips to up your bar game and more!


Can't spend all your money on spirits? Build your home bar with my top shelf, #wenchapproved recommendations.

classes & more

Find online classes you can take at your lesure or book a private hands-on experience for you and your friends!

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Hi! I'm Wendy


I am Spirit of the Wench! I fell in love with cocktails and history and storytelling more than a decade ago. 

I’ve travelled the globe training at the best bartending schools, exploring the most incredible cocktail joints and uncovering the crossover between cocktails, spirits and the stories they tell us. 

I cannot wait to share with you everything I’ve learned and my passion for great cocktail making!

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